New Pennsylvania Mini-Casino Could Save a Historic Landmark

Penn National Gaming, which claimed the first casino license auction with a winning bid of $50.1 million, might be just what the state needs to save a historic house in York County. The historic house, which is known as the Mifflin House, was part of the Underground Railroad in the 1800s and lies with the 15-mile radius centered in New York that Penn National Gaming is eyeing for its mini-casino.

The area chosen by the operator sits approximately 50 miles south of the Hollywood casino and 20 miles north of the Maryland state line. This appears to have been a strategic move that was designed to help protect the Hollywood Casino from the competition. However, there have been a number of concerns with one of the most prominent being the sustainability of the satellite casino operations, particularly due to the gradual oversaturation of the Northeast casino market.

Following a recent story by the York Daily Record, it has now been established that one of the three locations that the operator is looking to set up shop happens to host the historic Mifflin House. Penn National Gaming is already trying to solicit the support of locals with the promise of preserving the historic Underground Railroad house is they are allowed to build their mini-casino in the county.

“We understand the importance (of Mifflin House) to the community,” Penn National spokesman Jeff Morris told the York Daily Record.

The Mifflin is located in Hellam Township off Route 30 and is currently owned by a developer. However, the landmark’s future has been unclear for quite some time thanks to a number of issues that have arisen – the developer wants to demolish it but area officials have declined to issue demolition permits. The issue has since been taken to the courts but it is still yet to be settled.

So far, it seems like the citizens of the town and Penn National Gaming might all get what they want in the end since both have complementary interests. Still, the deadline for the selection of a site is in July and we will have to wait to see if Penn National Gaming goes forward with its proposed plans in York County.

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