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The Pennsylvania State Police can now resume their seizure of skill games from Pace-O-Matic. There has been plenty of controversy over the games, as a ruling deemed the games illegal.

This ordeal began in November, when a court ruling determined that skill games from Pace-O-Matic and other operators could not legally operate in the state. This prompted the Pennsylvania State Police to carry out raids on venues that offer the machines. In just a few months, the authorities manage to seize games from four different manufactures at five different bars.

Since then, Pace-O-Matic has been fighting to prove that its games should not be deemed illegal. Earlier this month, the manufacturer argued that its games require more skill than luck. This is based on the fact that players have to interact with the game to determine the outcome, which means that is it not entirely up to chance.

 While Pace-O-Matic made a strong case for its games, Judge Ellen Ceisler allowed for the police to continue seizing the machines. If the authorities seize all Pace-O-Matic games, this could mean that up to 10,000 games across the state will no longer be in operation.

This is also a win for the state’s lottery and online casinos. Since skill games have not been regulated by the local government, they don’t pay the same taxes as slot machine operators – a large 34%. According to PA Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko, skill games are in 20% of lottery retailer locations and take away at least $138 million from lottery sales.

The debate over skill versus luck in the gambling market has been carrying on for quite some time. As such, this decision could have an important impact on how certain games are viewed in the gaming world.

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