Online Poker Operators to Gain Big from Shared Liquidity

As expected, pooling together online poker players from across different state lines and even from multiple countries has proven to be a very beneficial strategy for online gaming operators and the governments within their various jurisdictions of operation looking for an increase in tax revenue. By doing this – bringing together poker players from different jurisdictions who would have otherwise been segregated – the companies have been able to achieve among other things an increase in the volume of activity on their platforms.

In many cases, online poker has long been the preserve of all poker pros and we certainly do get enough of live action, coverage and dedicated commentators in as far as the game goes. However, there is clearly more that can be done for the massive industry especially in the United States. Many poker players in the country believe that the shared liquidity online poker should be a primary objective for both the existing operators as well as any other body that intends to push ahead with meaningful plans for reforms in the United States’ poker industry.

Benefits of the Pool Party

Already, we have seen the benefits of shared liquidity online poker in some of the states that are arguably the most noteworthy thanks to their very strong player bases. These states (Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey) have been reaping the benefits of pooling all their players together and offering them the opportunity to play the game against each other without hassle.

Many more companies are beginning to realize the benefits of having players from different countries together especially because as mentioned earlier, it presents the opportunity for some pretty significant revenue bumps. The buzz surrounding similar efforts that have succeeded coupled with the mind-boggling prize pools have drawn a lot of interest into the initiative from very many stakeholders in the poker industry.

To put this into perspective, in Europe, France, Portugal and Spain now allow online poker companies operating within these jurisdictions to combine their online poker players into one player pool. This allows for better and greater access to online poker sites which in turn creates bigger tournament prize pools as well as the ability to offer a wider variety of the online poker games. All this factor are essential for the increased revenue, which is after all the primary goal of many gaming operators when they ink deals for liquidity sharing.

However, this does not mean that the increase in popularity of poker will favor only the community. Supposing that everything goes well and the right circumstances are met, new operators will be able to launch more tournaments for poker enthusiasts to indulge in.

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