Cash Game Festival Bratislava Scheduled for April 4 to 8

2018’s second Cash Games Festival will be heading to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. This is the first time that the five day event that will be held at the Banco Casino has come to the country. Players wishing to participate will be glad to hear that they will get to enjoy 120 hours of nonstop poker beginning April 4 through to April 8.

At the beginning of March, Unibet partnered with Cash Games Festival and both parties will be benefiting from what the other has to offer. Since it launched in 2014, Cash Games Festival has grown in popularity thanks to the 24/7 cash games action it offers as well as the live stream broadcasting of the event in two televised feature tables.

The first of stop of the Cash Game Festival was in London in January – this was massively successful and the organizers are looking to achieve more during their next live stops in Estonia and Slovakia this April, Bulgaria in August, London in September and finally another in Estonia and Tallinn in September. The number of stops is certainly likely to increase as we move along. A stop in Malta, for instance, is in the works.

Recreational players and poker pros love the festival because it presents a fun atmosphere both on and off the poker felt. The April 4 to 8 event is anticipated to be more exciting with a pioneering collaboration with MPN Poker Tour Bratislava, another recognizable poker tour that will be kicking off at the same venue on April 5.

“The upcoming Cash Game Festival is a first in many ways,” Cash Game Festival co-founder Martin von Zweigbergk said. “It is our first time in Bratislava, Slovakia, our first time collaborating with an existing recognizable poker tour such as MPNPT, and our first time with our new partner in Unibet. I am very excited about all of this.”

What Next After April 8?

While there is still plenty of time to attend the festival and get it on a bit of poker fun, you need not worry too much about missing out. The Cash Games Festival will be heading back to Tallinn and just like in Bratislava, players will be treated to five days of non-stop poker action from April 25 to 29.

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