PokerStars to Introduce New Revolutionary Online Poker Game

In what is arguably its most innovative format yet, renowned global online operator, PokerStars, is planning to follow up their most recent offerings – Split Hold’em, Showtime and the yet-to-be-launched Fusion – with an innovative new game that will let players “unfold” their hold cards and get back in the hand.

Unfold, the innovative new game will be the latest addition to PokerStars’ robust and impressive line of novelty game variants. The game will be the fourth game that the online poker operator is unveiling with – first it was Split Hold’em then along came Showtime Hold’em which according to the company’s management was set to be removed on July 23.

It is anticipated that Showtime Hold’em is going to be quickly replaced by Fusion, and Unfold will be the next offering in line.

“We think they provide engaging challenges and opportunities for players to test their wits in a fresh format that is new for everybody,” Dan Price, the Ring Games Manager of PokerStars commented during the recent launch of Showtime Hold’em.

The Details Unfolded

PokerStars has done quite a great job with the offerings that we have already seen and if our guesses are anything to go by, the Unfold is certainly going to be the most interesting format that the company has ever offered. In fact, it is likely to have a wide range of impacts on the poker strategy used in many parts of the world.

Each of the games PokerStars has released introduces an innovative new twist on classic Hold’em. These special games are usually hosted in their own new tabs in the client but unlike the other regular offerings, they run for a limited period, are spread with a blind lobby that prevents table selection and the buy-ins are all fixed amounts.

My guess is that, based on the new game’s title, it will involve a twist of the traditional game of Hold’em that allows the players who folded back into the hand at some stage of the game. On a similar note, the files names also imply that the games will indeed feature a special “Unfold” round. Apparently, the table will light up thus, presumably, giving the players who previously folded, one more chance to undo their fold and return to the hand.

Since none of these guesses are yet to be confirmed, it would be very interesting to see the cost of re-entering the game – chances are that there will be an additional fee or another price for this. For now, we will just have to wait patiently for the game to go live, but it will be good. That is for sure.

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